Yesterday, I read research around “how to write 5 articles a day”.


Do I want to become a walking content mill?

No, although I focus on copywriting, a big fear and obstacle of mine is writing actual articles or blog posts.

I’ve got old memories of taking up to…

Being the health fanatic that I am, olive oil consumption is a normal part of my life.

And I’ve got my family to adopt it too.

So a while back, month-end had a arrived and my greed glands salivated when my mother told me of

an olive oil special where…

It’s past midday and at Starbucks in Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa and I’m struggling to find a seat to sit my awesome self as there’s the “social distancing” rule still in play.

A friendly employee sees a dude sitting with a bag occupying a seat near him, not a human.

I recently experienced a sudden desire to immediately buy a heavy bag to condition my shins

betterer than I am currently with my DIY’d car tire boxing bag.


UFC 258, that’s why.

A strange incident happened.

See, back in 2013, the main event was Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman.

Heading home yesterday in the front seat of the minibus taxi I saw a cluster of around eight 10-year old looking kids beating up one kid on the ground.

The driver looked too and others in the taxi murmured.

I immediately shouted for them to stop in the scariest voice…

I went to buy skin cream from Clicks pharmacy recently and cocked my head back a bit flummoxed when the pharmacist asked a question.

“What’s your surname?”

I paused and considering fibbing even though have no any reason to.

But unless your name is Google or Facebook, I don’t feel…

The other morning, I had a sudden movie-style “scene cut” where in one moment I’m writing a piece of copy on my laptop and then suddenly I’m across the room doing something else.

I was surprised by the memory gap…

I wasn’t conscious my getting up and moving away from…

Thomas Lekhanya

Copywriter | Internet Advertiser | JHB, South Africa

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