Last night, I chose to go to bed at 19:30 so I can wake up at 3AM.

I was feeling mentally tired and figured trying to sleep at 8:30PM would’ve been a wasted hour of low mental focus.

And here I am typing away at 4:34AM after reaching the 3AM goal.

I made a decision yesterday about how I’ll be prospecting for clients.

I’d brainstormed ideas and I’ve chosen which ideas I’ll execute.

See I DO want to take massive action Grant Cardone style, however, when I tried that in the past and ended up just feeling confused on what to do on a daily basis because I didn’t really have a direction I bought into.

The 10X way of doing things, to my understanding, means you focus on taking massive action instead of worrying about whether what you’re doing is perfect or not.

Which is great if you’re not someone who leans towards perfectionism and over thinking.

But I’m that kind of guy.

I acknowledge this challenge.

So what will I do?

I’ve chosen to pour all those ideas in my mind on to a page…

Then screening them through the filter of feasibility…

And it’s on THOSE ideas which have “made the cut” that I’ll take massive action.

This way, I’ll know that I’ve already looked at the best, worst, and likely case scenarios and won’t have to think about them DURING my progress of taking action.

The challenge with ideas is that, if you’re like me, they flood your mind at the wrong times…like when you’re trying to sleep, like me last night.

I told myself I’ll write them out the next day.

Why didn’t I write them down?

Because I’d rather risk forgetting those ideas than risk screwing up my sleep and ruining the quality of my whole next day.

No thanks.

I’ve done that before and that shit sucks.

Anyway, I do remember the ideas.

And they’re basically an expansion of the target markets I can approach for my services.

See, my goal is to do copywriting for the health niche.

However, I’ve recently had some mental blocks arise (the same kinds which fucked me over years ago resulting in my leaving writing altogether)…

And I’m going to test solving this problem by pitching my previous skills (online media buying services…ie. Facebook/Google Ads) with the core service, email copywriting, as the “add on sale”.

I.e I’ll pitch these businesses traffic and then sell them on the reality that it’s not enough to get traffic if you can’t convert those into sales.

This way I can make money now WHILE transitioning to copywriting.

Instead of just sitting getting frustrated with these copywriting challenges I’m having right now.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for today.

The niches I thought of include stuff in the “adventure” niche…i.e. Helicopter rental….Parachuting…Etc.

I’ll write these ideas out…

Then filter for other criteria (the main one being how HUNGRY the audiences are in these niches) and then form my super basic action plan…and then EXECUTE like a mofo.

Until next time

P.S. I might test sleeping at 7:30 to see what days feel like when I regularly wake up at 3AM.

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